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Nume: Teodor Moldoveanu

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Enjoy beautiful Romania

We all want that unspoiled vacation, in a quiet, far-away spot where we can enjoy nature, life and just each other’s company, don’t we? It is, however, much harder to actually find that wonderful spot than it is to simply imagine it and see it with the eyes of our mind. What we can so clearly see depicted in our mind is much harder to actually see in real life, as all the vacation spots we could want to visit are no longer those secluded get-aways, but more like tourist-packed nightmares.

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Tourism at its finest

If you have ever watched a vampire movie, then you might just know a few things about the Romanian lands, but what you might not be aware of is that Romania is not reduced to the Transylvanian lands, but it actually is a very complex country that has beautiful people, places and experiences just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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