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We all want that unspoiled vacation, in a quiet, far-away spot where we can enjoy nature, life and just each other’s company, don’t we? It is, however, much harder to actually find that wonderful spot than it is to simply imagine it and see it with the eyes of our mind. What we can so clearly see depicted in our mind is much harder to actually see in real life, as all the vacation spots we could want to visit are no longer those secluded get-aways, but more like tourist-packed nightmares.

It is, therefore, a rather common thing for vacationers these days to be attracted not so much to exotic and warm destinations, but to the ones that are more like the wonderful places we all hold dear in our imagination, places that still have tranquility to offer, but are, at the same time, interesting enough to keep us on our toes and give us that pleasure of discovering new places, people, facts of life. Those are the destinations that we all long for, not knowing that they are still there, unexploited to their fullest and just waiting for us to give them the proper chance to impress us.

It is a well known fact now that Romania is one of the more unspoiled countries of Europe, from all points of view, from the tourist-side to all of the other points of view that may be taken into consideration when choosing this country as a possible destination for your vacation. Looking for green forest and natural wild-life ? You can find it in the heart of Transylvania, yes, the very legendary Transylvania, without the vampires though. Want bustling social life ? Yes, you can find that too, quite near to the green forests that we were talking about in fact. Yes, this is the country of contrast, where nature and modern life come together as a whole, inspiring those who come here in look of a getaway.

So why not visit Romania, enjoy a tour of all its beauties and learn how life is actually live in this far-away little heaven, while also enjoying the local food, wines and music – we might add
that the locals are well-know for all of these. Contact us at :

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